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Teasing and Bullying: 
Unacceptable Behaviour Program (TAB)

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February 10, 2011

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  1. A DVD or videotape depicting a child being teased about stuttering and one being teased about her weight. In the video, peers become involved and solve the problem together with the victim + the child who bullies.

  2. Ready to use lessons and activities that help students:

    Understand the role of victims, bullies and onlookers in bullying
    Gain respect for differences
    Learn strategies for dealing with teasing and bullying
    Develop confidence and enhance self-esteem through problem-solving and role-playing activities.

  3. Reproducible parent information handouts and family activities to help parents gain an understanding of the dynamics of bullying and stimulate discussion of concepts and strategies learned in the classroom.

  4. A unit devoted to stuttering and other differences to help students understand stuttering, the speech system and how to help someone who stutters. Students are encouraged to explore and discuss other differences.

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